Excavator & Bobcat – Hire in Melbourne Western Suburbs

CONCRETE SLABS Melbourne provides excavation services and Bobcat hire in the northern suburbs.

We service both homeowners and businesses for any building or renovation project.

Professional Excavation Services

CONCRETE SLABS Melbourne has the equipment and knowledge to get your project on the right track. Our excavation services include:

  • Preparing and clearing the site of boulders, debris and stumps
  • Earthmoving for landscaping purposes
  • Digging trenches and providing plumbing excavation services

We have the required skills to perform precise digging for both domestic and commercial purposes.

Excavation services for your concrete landscaping project

 Excavator & Bobcat - Hire   Hurstbridge
Melbourne Northern Suburbs, North Melbourne

Bobcat Hire for Your Landscaping Project

CONCRETE SLABS Melbourne has Bobcat machines available for rent that can perform any kind of earthmoving task for your landscaping project. Our excavation machine is excellent for any work done on rough terrain, or wet and muddy areas.

We can work on both residential and commercial sites, be it for a landscaping or construction project. Give us a call for more information about our Bobcat rental services!

Practical and efficient earthmoving vehicle for rent


Our Commercial Concrete Applications:

  • Commercial concrete slabs
  • Foundations
  • Roof slab construction
  • Bondek concrete slabs
  • Retention piers
  • Basement slabs

We guarantee complete customer satisfaction.

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